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Possible Causes

Shoe Profile

For moderate to excessive pronators, the long axis of the shoe should provide maximum torsional control of foot rotation (pronation) and the midsole should provide proper vertical support. Proper support reduces shearing forces on the metatarsal heads that leads to pain and tenderness. Shoes should have a wide toe box to reduce compression of the metatarsals.

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Neutral (mild pronators) – Over-the-counter orthotics with appropriately placed metatarsal support
Moderate to excessive prontators – Custom orthotics

Recommended Accessories

SuperFeet arch supports

Stabilizes the foot to reduce pronation and shearing forces in the forefoot resulting in less irritation of the neuroma.

Neuroma pads

Separates and displays the bones in the ball of the foot (metatarsal heads) to reduce pressure on the neuromas. Pads should be placed just behind the affected metatarsals.

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